Brief Welcome Note

I haven’t got much time because I am supposed to be cleaning this wretched apartment. You see, the last few months have been rather ugly and difficult for me to find motivation and inspiration. I’ve been either sick, depressed, or pregnant — or losing that pregnancy. So, it’s important to clean today, while it’s pretty outside and I’ve caught the Spring Clean bug!

Briefly, however, I wanted to make sure you knew “WTF” this website is for and about! Previously, I had a site called, “Fly High, Rocketship!” with an unusual name, I felt like I was more attached and loved creating with it. However, at the moment, my family (estranged family) had begun harassing me and threatening to sue me over any and all details I divulged about their shitty way of life. So, knowing full well that there’s not much they could do to me legally, I launched the process of blocking all IP addresses that accessed my website too much and from specific locations. (Yes, in case you didn’t know it, I’m a mofo spy.) When that became too much legwork, I just closed the site until they “STFU” and stopped bitching/acting like they knew-bout-me.

Once all that hubbub was over, I moved my blog to my permanent site and felt the desire to blog drifting away. Now, in an attempt to save my sanity and get back what is rightfully mine — FLY HIGH, ROCKETSHIP! — I have found a beautiful webhost that hosts for free (if you use their name, but you can pay and get your own domain and stuff — for a GOOD price!) Since I am going broke over living on my own and planning for my future with my beloved, Steven, I will take any free stuff I can get 🙂 But mosey on over to my host and check out what they have to offer. I was a little hesitant at first, but it surely has worked out to my benefit!

So, now that you have heard my story (not really, but slightly,) check back soon — once I am DONE cleaning! No more procrastination for this old hag 🙂 Bye, dollies.

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