Free CSS: Christmas Cookies

This CSS was made for the WordPress theme Twenty Twelve. I also used the Jetpack plugin and enabled custom CSS. I wanted something kind of fun and “flirty” for Christmas this year. It’s not wild, but still pretty I think. I made some different kinds of adjustments. I made it so there is no “sub menu” shown when you mouseover. So, for instance in the thumbnail, I put my links page under my “headers” page. You see in the thumbnail that the header is being mouseovered– it fades — but you don’t see my sub menu!

I placed a line in the code so you can know where to delete if you’d like to remove that bit of code and have the sub menu show up (I did not style it, so it will look whacky.)

Here is the code. Remember, you have to have Twenty Twelve installed and activated.
You also should have Jetpack and custom CSS enabled!


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