All About Angelica

I have been fighting with myself to create this page. Not because I don’t want to write about myself, but because I have a hard time describing myself to people. So, without further ado, here goes nothing:

My name is Angelica Florine Dunbar. I was born November 16th so that makes me a Scorpio. I am exactly how many horoscopes and astrologists describe a Scorpio. I was born in Ohio, but lived in California and Maryland courtesy of the USCG (semper paratus) and my dad. I have a daughter whom I finally was able to conceive after three miscarriages and a lot of heartbreak. I have a husband who is so kind, understanding, hilarious, and just an all-around-good-guy. Together, our little family have one crowntail betta fish. He is aptly named “Fishy” and loves attention — like a dog. It’s silly really.

I have been through a lot so far in my life: my miscarriages, sexual assault, rape, blackmail, and domestic abuse. Throughout all of the crap life has thrown me, I have smiled and kept my head high. At the time of each thing in my life, I thought I would die. I thought I wouldn’t make out of depressions alive, but I did. Somehow, I called upon the inner lioness and pulled the gumption out of me. Maybe it’s my spiteful, vindictive nature, but I refuse to let anyone or anything be the reason I can’t.

You may see me post about some things that are deeply personal from time to time. You may see the ugly side of me or the wonderfully beautiful side of me. These facets of my persona are not the complete truth of who I am. I try to be truthful, but mostly I am deeply emotional and passionate about verbalizing my feelings. I have a page dedicated to my terms and disclosures if you’d like more info on that stuff.