Am I really this flakey??

I had every intention of doing the daily log thing, but I forgot one crucial detail… my daughter uses my phone and my old phone to play and watch videos. So I have no way to take pictures and post them online. Am I really that much of a dingbat??? Anyway, I just wanted you to know in case you’re like uhhh… just one time? lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m learning so much in this course, even in basic HTML, that shows me the correct practices for which I apparently needed the help! It’s a lot of fun and I’m enjoying it. Also, we found a Mexican place that delivers in Ohio… YESSSAAHH!!! I haven’t had Mexican food in like four or five years because I don’t do restaurants.

Toodles, poodles.

Dear Diary #1

I have decided to do some handwritten blurbs because 1. I would like to write more often (physically). I find my hands get tired very easily now and my carpal tunnel acts up more often now that I’m not using my hands as much as when I was younger. 2. Because I would like to add a twist of my own to the world and people often participate in photo-logs like Wordless Wednesdays or Throwback Thursday. So, this is my way of writing and creating something different. I am going to use to think up ideas to write about in my “Dear Diary” section.

It’s been a minute. My bad!

I have been pretty MIA recently. My bad, yall!! Elli had her third birthday three days ago. I bought her cake this year because, believe it or not, I’m really over the cake thing. I did it, I rocked it, and now I’m done with it. This is the general theme of my life — I’m really into something until I achieve some sort of sublime all-knowing and then I drop it like hot donkey doodee.

Elli had a great birthday. She got some gifts from mommy and daddy, her great aunt, and her grandpa Dave. I’m really disappointed in the lack of acknowledgment from relatives, but whatever. Eleanor loved her cake though and, before we even sang happy birthday, she had the candles blown out and her face in the cake lol. My kid! We hung out pretty much all day, played with toys, I got some chores done, and we just really enjoyed being together.

Three days before Elli’s birthday, I went to school and applied for — was accepted for — graduation! It’s simply an associate’s degree, but it’s a degree nonetheless. I managed to achieve this WHILE raising a baby. So, anyone who thinks they’re better than me, suck a duck. (That’s primarily to relatives.) Just this passed weekend, a relative of mine got super drunk and started talking about everyone lol. Knowing that these condescending little twats have issues in and of themselves is super delicious. And karma sucks.

I also enrolled in a web developer bootcamp so that I can get a certificate as proof that I know what I’m doing, sort of, and will use it to go hand-in-hand with my stupid degree.

Big things have been happening in the Dunbar household. It’s pretty weird. I wonder when that other shoe will drop….

Awareness Ribbons

I had these on my website a long time ago, but decided I wanted to share them again. You can save them and add them to your site. You may not edit them or add them to your graphics. They’re for use AS-IS. Also, you must credit me for them. They took a long time to make. A simple link back anywhere on your site is okay! You may also add the code to display them onto your website, given that you tell your visitors the same thing — to credit me.



Feel free to add this big list to your site, too!
Remember — credit me and make sure your guests know to credit me, too!


Free CSS: Valentine’s Theme

I created this Valentine’s day theme for WordPress. It features some outrageously loud hearts and bright reds, pinks, and purples!!! I was trying to purposefully make this an obnoxious theme because, well, Valentine’s day is the worst. Lol. Anyway…

Here is the code. Remember, you have to haveย Twenty Twelveย installed and activated.
You also should haveย Jetpackย and custom CSS enabled!


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